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Artifacts and Craft

Cherry Table (+Chair)

Made out of solid cherry wood, this coffee table aims to create a parallel between the top and bottom planes of the table through right angles and superposition.

Form Study, Sketching, Woodworking, 3D Modeling.

Nest Light

Three identical portable lights made out of walnut and SLA prints, composed of LEDS and reed switches. They are meant to be heald carefully, as if you are holding a nest of light. 

Form Study, Soldering, 3D Modeling, SLA printing, LED wiring.

Modular Furniture

During the 2019 summer, worked on this concept project with Marlon from Holz Woodshop to create a modular cabinet system. The goal of this concept was to allow people to fit their furniture to their space.

Form Study, Sketching, Woodworking, 3D Modeling.

Wave Arduino Radio

This is a form experiment that makes the user question their regular interactions with a radio. Radios have been around and standardized for decades. Inspired by waves and the movement of water, the radio tries to emulate the movements connected with the stirring of water and pouring out.

Arduino, Coding, CNC, 3D printing, 3D Modeling, Sketching. 


Concept table inspired from the form language of the Calligaris brand.

Brand Form Language and Research, Industrial Design, 3D Modelling, Sketches