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Modular Furniture Project

Concept of a modular cabinet system.

Intended for people moving into smaller spaces on a budget, and that need their furniture to fit around their space, and take the least amount of square footage possible.

This flat pack and flat ship design is meant to be easy to fabricate, and easy to assemble. Each cabinet fits on top of each other almost like lego sets, and allow for multiple forms of assembly.

The idea was to incoorporate push-to-open hydraulic system cabinets, with the face of the cabinet inform the user as to where they should press to open.

We ended up shifting the opening mechanism to a japanese like sliding door that would end up taking less space. and would allow for an even easier assembly, and an easier flat pack system.

The fabrication concept relied on the wood going through the CNC on one side, and then the top and bottom pannels having the sliding rail to be cut out with a hand router. This would allow for quick and easy reproduction of the cabinets.