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A collection of projects that focus on form interaction.

Wine Holder

Fall 2019
Created a three board wine holder that can hold up to four wine bottles and two glasses at a time. Inspired by the storage of wine bottles at an angle, and how to support the weight of the bottles with minimal form.

Expirimental Form - Antler

Spring 2019
Process of taking an antler from an in-nature finish, to a man-made finish, despite its nature. Then with the use of colored string, informed and alluded to another animal that is currently endangered (red Salmon).

Salad Tongs

Spring 2018
Exploring the way wood can be shaped, and how forms can inform the user of its interaction with the object.
This was my first time experiencing wood shop tools, and making objects by hand from raw material to a sealed finish.

Four Board Shelf

Spring 2018
The object for this product was to create a cohesive interaction between four planks of wood, that were planed, cut, and sanded by hand. For my shelf I focused specifically on the boards interacting around the book I had picked.