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Research + Development

Project NoWaste

3D waste reduction system for maker shops everywhere. As designers, we have a duty to design for the future, and that encompasses the act of prototyping and processing through a concept, sustainably and efficiently.

Design for Impact, Community Exploration, Behavioral Research.

Collaborative Driving

For this semester long project, the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group challenged us to rethink what the third space is, and how we can redesign it. With this open-ended question, not only were we tasked to design for this space, but also to define the boundaries and possibilities for the third space.

Probes, Collaborative Project, Artificial Intelligence, UX, UI.

KitchenAid On-the-go Meal

While there are many on-campus restaurants, as students go through their college years, many start meal-prepping in order to save money as other expenses grow. This project aimed to facilitate this experience, and encourage students to start bringing their lunch to campus.

Research, Industrial Design, Form and Brand Language, Sketching, 3D Modeling.