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I graduated from Carnegie Mellon School of design in 2020 with a focus in industrial and product design. My degree and courses gave me a great foundation in research and development, and allowed me to explore and refine my analog and digital skills.

While I moved around a lot growing, I learned to adapt to ever-shifting environment, always allowing me to learn and grow from my peers. My knowledge of different languages and cultures has given me a great appreciation for design, focusing around the concept of physical experiences and feelings. 

Over time, my interests have expanded from illustration, to industrial design, to furniture design, all intersecting at the enjoyment for human-object interaction, both physically and visually.

Living in Boston and working as a furniture drafter at ERDL since 2021, I have come to enjoy my environment and hobbies. After work I’ll spend some extra time in the woodshop, run home to go to a yoga class, or spend some time at home learning a new crochet/knitting technique. During my weekends, I’ll call my dad and watch a Real Madrid game, since I’m usually waiting for the F1 season to get back, or for the two weeks of Grand Slams to take up my time. I am grateful to be a creative and to be surrounded by other creatives. That my job and life intertwine and allows me to have outlets for the immenseness of our surroundings. 

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